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Marathon Spokane Code of Conduct

Race Code of Conduct

Head Phones - The use of personal music devices is strongly discouraged at this race. The courses are not closed, so for the safety of all participants we encourage a headphone-free environment during the running of the events.

The Spokane marathon and half marathon travel through much of the Spokane area, quite a bit of it through neighborhoods. Please consider reminding your friends and family who are going to travel around the course to cheer for you to be considerate of  the people living in those neighborhoods and the other runners in the race.
Be considerate of all runners—don’t drive along with the runners exposing them to your exhaust. Please park well off the road and cheer from the sidelines.

When you park in a neighborhood, please park where you won’t intrude on the neighbors. For example- Don’t park in driveways, don’t park in their flower beds, and if they come out to ask you to do something, don’t swear at them and call them names (Yes! This has all happened!)

Please don’t tell the neighbors that they can’t drive on the streets during the race. The roads are open, and we must share the road with the cars. Otherwise our permits won’t be renewed.

Treat their neighborhood as you would want yours treated if this were happening in your area.

Illegal Aid

One rule that many people aren’t aware of is the rule of illegal aid. This is true in all races where awards are given. Runners should use the aid stations only (or carry what they need with them). Also, if someone is running beside you and pacing you, or blocking the wind for you, and they aren’t in the race, that is considered illegal aid. If you are getting water, gel, or any other aid from someone other than aid station workers, you are actually getting illegal aid. You are getting help that others in the race aren’t able to get. Now, if you are just trying to finish, chances are people won’t notice that your spouse is meeting you every half mile and giving you the secret potion that you need. However, if you are vying for an age-group award, it may become an issue. Technically, according to USATF and RRCA rules (which are the rules we abide by), this is grounds for disqualification. The marathon committee’s hope is that everyone on the course will act with integrity and finish the race within these rules. We have had to deal with this issue in the past, and would rather not have to do so again.

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