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I received the following letter from BRRC President, Paul Fitzpatrick on 5-1-20

Dear Board,
I have attached Gov. Inslee’s news briefing chart for the state of Washington on phasing in of getting back to a normal state. He just said that if we continue to get better, each phase last for 3 weeks. If I read the chart and the timeline, BRRC’s Saturday gatherings could begin in phase 3. June’s Pizza run and Festival of Miles would be cancelled. That looks like the end of June. Potentially 4th of July run would be ok to schedule. He also states that if there is faster improvement, then this timeline could be shorter. My Hope is, if Spokane does everything just right, we can get to Phase 3 and 4 before the end of June.

I have included Jim H. and Sue F. in this communication so that the information can be disseminated on the website as well as in the June RR. I have also included our affiliates, Manito and South Hill Running Clubs so they can alert their members of where we are as of today.

As always, let me know your thoughts. Stay safe and always practice Social Distancing.

Below is some information from that news conference.
Tonight, Gov. Jay Inslee spoke directly to Washingtonians to announce he will sign a statewide order that requires everyone in the state to stay home. The order will last for two weeks and could be extended.

This Stay Home, Stay Healthy order is similar to orders that other governors, in places such as California and New York, issued last week.
This proclamation will:

· Require every Washingtonian to stay home unless they need to pursue an essential activity.

· Ban all gatherings for social, spiritual and recreational purposes.

· Close all businesses except essential businesses.

“The less time we spend in public, the more lives we will save,” Inslee said.
The proclamation states it’s still safe for people to go outside as long as they remain at least six feet from each other. Grocery stores, doctor’s offices and other essential businesses will remain open. People can still participate in activities such as bike rides, gardening, and dog walking — as long as they follow social distancing rules.

This order builds on the early and unprecedented steps the state took in the past few weeks to protect Washingtonians. These included closing schools and restaurants, entertainment venues and other businesses where people congregate.

“We’ve been very clear on the need for everyone to stay home,” Inslee said. “And, while most Washingtonians are doing their part, some still don’t grasp the seriousness of this pandemic.”

Bans on gatherings and going out take effect immediately.
This order applies to private and public gatherings. These include some of the most deeply meaningful gatherings in communities, such as weddings and funerals.

Along with other public places, non-essential businesses with in-office personnel functions must be closed.

Inslee said it’s crucial to reduce social interactions where this highly contagious virus can spread.

Business closures must happen 48 hours after Inslee signs the order.
Many businesses can, and should, continue using telework.

All grocery stores, pharmacies, childcare facilities, gas stations, food supply chains and other things that offer people basic, crucial needs will remain open. Inslee expects businesses and residents to voluntarily comply. He will discuss possible enforcement mechanisms in the coming days if residents and businesses do not comply.

Industries that can argue they are essential can request a special designation as an essential business. Businesses and entities that provide essential services must implement rules that help facilitate social distancing of at least six feet.

“We know life will look different tomorrow in Washington,” Inslee said. “And we know tonight’s announcement affects millions of our livelihoods. But these necessary restrictions will protect us and our loved ones so that we have a livelihood to come back to. We will keep working until this is defeated.”

Food security
We want to remind people that the food supply operations — including hunger relief and nutritional support services — are essential services that will remain open and operational through this crisis; this order does not ban people getting access to food.


· Food banks and food pantries are essential services that will remain in operation through this restriction.

· You can still go to a food pantry to pick up groceries but check the hours before you go. Hours of operation may vary and many hunger relief organizations are moving to new ways to distribute food, such as home delivery and drop-off sites.

· Food bank volunteers may continue to go to work at food pantries.

Paul Fitzpatrick


I received the following letter from BRRC President, Paul Fitzpatrick on 5-13-20

Thought you might be interested in this news alert.

Just ran across this news letter from the Hood to Coast committee. This is a HUGE move on their part. Normally the relay is held August 28-29 this year. I know this is Oregon, but it may be a signal of things to come in Washington e.g. Bloomsday.

The health and safety of our incredible runners, walkers, volunteers, and staff who make this storied event what it is today is of utmost importance. We take COVID-19 precautions with serious consideration and commend the Oregon Governor’s Office and the Oregon Health Authority for their leadership during this difficult time. We’d also like to thank all frontline personnel and families for their courageous efforts to support our communities.

Although Governor Brown has announced phased re-opening guidelines for the State of Oregon, she’s also stated that large-scale sporting events will not take place sooner than October, 2020. With health and safety as our number one priority, and based on the stipulations of Governor Brown and the Oregon Health Authority, we announce that the 39th annual Hood To Coast & 30th anniversary Portland To Coast Walk Relay will not be held in 2020.

Hood to Coast link:

As I listen to the news from Trump, Inslee, Woodward and health officials sounds like some states are reopening slowly. Regarding the state of Washington, looks like certain counties may and are opening sooner than others. Woodward and Lutz continue to petition Inslee to open up Spokane into phase 2, see latest news report below on Washington;

Secretary of Health John Wiesman said the Washington state tentatively plans to enact the second phase of the plan by June 1. Under the earliest possible timeline, phase 3 could begin June 22, and phase 4 could begin July 13.

Due to the expected timeline, it is highly unlikely a ban on large gatherings would be lifted before Independence Day, putting Fourth of July celebrations in jeopardy across the state

Remember to look at the chart below to get a perspective of what the phases mean regarding GATHERINGS reopening communities. If the information above is accurate and the schedule is adhered to, this would mean that potentially the BRRC Pizza/Beer run, General meeting and Festival of Miles would not be allowed to occur (sure hope this is not the case) in the month of June.

Stay safe out there.
Paul Fitzpatrick

Turkey Trot 2020
I checked with the City of Spokane Parks & Recreation. They have not opened the parks to permits or reservation since COVID hit. And the City of Spokane has closed down their Special city permitting as well.
There will be no Turkey Trot 2020.
Thank you all for your input.
Jackie Van Allen
Bob Gariepy's funeral service
Hello Paul,
I am going to send you an invitation to my grandfather's funeral services. It will come from OneRoom. You should also have the ability to invite others using the invitation. We would appreciate if you helped us distribute the Bloomsday Road Runners that are interested.
Thank you,