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August 29, 2021
BRRC's Half-Fast Ultimate Runner
Mead High School Track
Information and entry form: Runner 2021 entry.pdf

The Six Minute Mile
Minute 1: It's track time in Tokyo
Minute 2: Triathletes battle the elements in Tokyo
Minute 3: Work out like an Olympian
Minute 4: We�d like the non-smoking section
Minute 5: Quick Intervals
Minute 6: Surfing = Gold

Bart Haggin's autobiography Haggin autobiography/index.html

BRRC plans to form another Spokane to Sandpoint Relay
team again this year. If you are interested in joining the
team, please contact:
Paul Fitzpatrick at

BRRC also plans on volunteering for Spokane to
Sandpoint at Exchange 12 as we did last year. For those
interested in volunteering,
please contact: Sue Fitzpatrick at


This month's Oreo award goes to:

Rhonda and Kent Allen for Race directing Rapid Rabbit for 8 years! Thank you for being super volunteers!

Please contact Paul Fitzpatrick with your Oreo Award nomination at

Runner's Scuttlebutt:

Save the date for Sundae Sunday!  It will be on  September 19, 2021 .  *Ultimate Runner is August 29th  .
*The 2021 Spokane to Sandpoint Relay is on and live August 20th-21st! Thank you early registrants! Registration and details are at   . Register for the Premier Relay of the Inland Northwest as a team of 12 or six- pack  now!
*BRRC Membership payments for 2021-2022 now active.  https://raceroster. com/memberships/4099/2021- 2022-bloomsday-road-runners- club  


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To see the Oreo Award and online BRRC News by Sue Fitzpatrick, please click on this link: BRRC_website/BRRC_News.html

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BRRC 2021 Officers:
President:  Paul Fitzpatrick 
President-Elect: Pam Belasco
Past President: Anna Foreman
Treasurer: Paul Gill
Secretary: Vacant (Open, to temporarily be filled by a board member)